The Delavan 4000GS

A versatile high-capacity trailer

The Delavan 4000GS is a highly versatile stack-style trailer. It can carry up to 11 cars – or a mixture of cars and trucks – when used with a 4 car head ramp.  This is ideal for maximizing load capacity utilization on long-distance runs.

Each trailer is custom built to your specification. The 4000GS trailers have multiple decks: the individual loading decks give more flexibility in stacking, making them a favorite of the experienced driver.

4000GS design features

  • Soft tie system reduces risk of damage to vehicles
  • Multiple stacking decks maximizing flexibility
  • Galvanized frame and parts increases longevity and reduces frame deterioration
  • Top quality components from suppliers such as WABCO, Curtiss-Wright, Stauff, ALCOA and Michelin

4000GS trailer

Capacity with 4 car head ramp up to 11 vehicles depending on combination

Capacity with 3 car head ramp up to 10 vehicles depending on combination

4000GS Gallery

Why Delavan?

Quality you can count on

Delavan has been making car-haulers since 1946, and has more years of experience than any other US manufacturer of car-haulers.

Delavan only uses quality components and materials, ensuring that Delavan car-haulers are as durable and reliable as possible.

Delavan provides a 24 month structural warranty - and when you do eventually need parts or service, Delavan's friendly, responsive aftercare team are at your service.

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