Engineering better ways to move vehicles & people

Delavan is part of the Lohr Group. Lohr has been the leading innovator in vehicle transportation for over 50 years, making it more efficient and sustainable. Lohr provides superior quality road and rail based vehicle transporters to clients across the world from its plants in the USA, France, Turkey, Mexico and China.

Lohr has more recently expanded into innovative urban transportation, including electric passenger vehicles and the first tram on tires. 

As a privately owned group, Lohr is able to invest for the long-term, to maintain its friendly, family culture and stay true to its values of innovation and sustainability.

Lohr Car-haulers

Better ways to move vehicles

Lohr is the world’s leading designer and supplier of car-haulers, with tens of thousands of high quality car-haulers running across the world.

Lohr invented the articulated transporter and the detachable transporter. Today, the Eurolohr series of detachable car-haulers is the most widely used in Europe.

Lohr Railway System

Better ways to move goods

Lohr have an innovative road-rail system, enabling standard road semi-trailers to be carried safely and economically across the European rail network.

Lohr developed an innovative piggy-back road-railway system, which enables standard road semi-trailers to be carried safely and economically across the European rail network. More than half a million loads have been taken on semi-trailers on Lohr railway wagons. Transporting goods by rail on the Lohr system has saved over 300,000 tons of CO2.

Lohr’s patented system for fast and safe transfer of semi-trailers from road to rail and back is now in place at 6 European terminals, with a dozen more terminal projects in development.

Lohr New Mobility


Better ways to move people

Lohr continues to invest in new technologies for more efficient and sustainable transport. The latest products to reach the market include:

  • Cristal multi-mode urban transport – a system of electric vehicles that can operate individually or coupled together, as self-service taxis or as shuttle buses.
  • The Boreal electric axle that can be retrofitted onto almost any bus or truck, transforming it into electric or hybrid operation, increasing efficiency and reducing emissions.