Quality you can count on

Over 70 years of experience

 The Delavan Team

The Delavan Team

Delavan has been making car-haulers since 1946, and has more years of experience than any other US manufacturer of car-haulers. And since we moved to our new facility in Newnan, Georgia in 2015, we have been investing in the latest plant and equipment. Delavan has invested over $15million in 3 years, and has rezoned 23 acres of our property as 'heavy industrial' to enable our future expansion and growth.


Designed for the driver


The Delavan team has considerable experience in both car haulers manufacturing and fleet management. The new Delavan trailers have all been developed with extensive input from operators and drivers.


World-class engineering


Delavan engineering is supported by the large, world-class team of engineers at our parent company, Lohr, in France. Lohr is the world's leading manufacturer of car-haulers, has plants on four continents, and exports its premium products all over the world. 


Quality & Durability


Delavan only uses quality components and materials, and galvanizes its frames and key parts, so ensuring that Delavan car-haulers are as durable and reliable as possible.


An Industry Leading Warranty


Delavan provides a 24 month structural warranty on our trailers and up to 5 years on other components (see our Warranty page for more details). And when you do need parts or service, Delavan's friendly, responsive aftercare team are at your service.


A History of Innovation

 Buffalo, NY. Circa 1935.

Delavan started out in 1935 as a welding business in Buffalo, NY. founded by Milford N. Lempke, Alfred J Gentile and John J. Johnston. The initial business was making storage racks, boxes and doing repairs for local airplane plants. 

Then, in 1946, following a period repairing car-haulers and manufacturing bomb racks as part of the war effort, the Delavan brand of car-haulers was developed to support the growth in vehicle production after the war. Delavan automobile trailers and head-ramps have been in continuous production ever since.

In 1998 Delavan became part of the Lohr Group. Lohr is the world's leading car-hauler manufacturing group, with plants on four continents. This gives Delavan access to a much larger, engineering team, world-class technology and patents. Today Delavan and Lohr share best practices and safe technical solutions, giving Delavan customers the maximum peace of mind. 

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